“Stay away from the state streets.” “Don’t go to East St. Louis.” “Not Past Cass.” Or, depending on the particular parent: Martin Luther King Drive. Or Delmar. Or Cole. Or Washington. Near North side outlined in red, divided east-west at Tucker. Blue is the Bottle District and Orange is the Northside Redevelopment footprint. Those are […]

South City, Meet MetroLink: A No-Brainer Plan for Expansion

If you haven’t noticed, the alternative transportation bug is quickly catching in the City of St. Louis — and it’s very exciting to witness! In recent weeks, we’ve seen the approval of $7 million in New Market Credits (in addition to $8 million previous NMCs) for the Loop Trolley project, the announcement of development on […]

Delta Queen

St. Louis’ underutilized downtown riverfront is set to receive a big bump with news that the majestic Delta Queen steamboat will be arriving later this year as part of a “last-blast” river tour. The Delta Queen moored at St. Louis’ downtown riverfront. The vessel, which is listed both as a National Historic Landmark and on […]

Transitioning the Trainshed -- A New Vision for Union Station

Union Station, this city’s beautiful rail-hub-turned-tourist-mall, is fast approaching its 120th birthday — September 1st, 2014. And five years after that, its 125th year. Its quasquicentennial! So in the spirit of our city’s obsession with anniversaries, I’ve been thinking of ways to build toward this milestone and give our gorgeous old Union Station a deserving […]

Revisiting the Memorial Drive Parking Garage Idea

The above picture was pulled from a September 2010 Gateway Streets article…as was the inspiration for this post. It represents close to 2,000 additional parking spaces (or ~1,000 for a single level/split-level plan). In the article, it was posited that all that empty space which would be filled in if a new Memorial Drive Boulevard […]

Pevely - sign

Included below is my letter to the Preservation Research Board, who will be reviewing Saint Louis University’s demolition appeal for the Pevely Dairy Company site at the corner of Chouteau and Grand. I have prioritized preservation for the corner office building and adjacent milk plant, as these two parcels will best be able to anchor […]

Bottle It Up or Shake It Up

[Update on 12-16-11: A news story on KMOV Channel 4 provided a few pictures of early Bottle District plans from Clayco and McEagle Properties. Those screencaps are included below with my brief thoughts.] In light of today’s approval by the Board of Alderman to allow the purchase of the Bottle District by Paul McKee, current […]

Comment Period Ending for City+Arch+River/NPS

The final day to submit comments and concerns to the National Park Service and the planning committee for the City+Arch+River project has arrived almost as quickly as it was announced. The groups are soliciting opinions from everybody — residents, businesses, those with general or vested interest; you just have to have randomly found it on […]

Clang! Clang! Clang! Goes The Trolley

The Mississippi Mile…The Riverfront Trolley… Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? In my three part series [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] about ways to increase foot traffic and connections all along the downtown riverfront — not just in front of the Arch — I touched on the idea of a […]

Sweet Home, St. Louis: A Returning Traveler's Pictorial

Despite owing its existence to the river that runs along its eastern edge, St. Louis has severely underutilized this powerful resource as both a natural destination for tourists and locals alike and also as a place for merchants, art and innovation. Of course, due to the untameable nature of the Mississippi River, development of this […]