Free Sandwiches!!! I mean…Landshire, Inc. Relocates to Laclede’s Landing


Governor Jay Nixon was in town today to welcome the newest business to St. Louis. About 100 people were in attendance – all of which enjoyed complementary Landshire brand sandwiches and snacks afterward.

Landshire, Inc., the makers of ‘quality and convenient’ microwaveable sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers, is relocating it’s offices from Belleville, IL to Raeder Place on Laclede’s Landing. In preparation yesterday, the building’s facing received a fresh coat of bright white paint. Fifty employees will soon move into the building’s top floors. This is a huge get for St. Louis’ oldest district. Such a dramatic influx of workers will certainly help lunch, dinner and evening business for the Landing’s merchants.

The governor spoke about the relocation, stressing the importance of business growth in the city and the state. Somewhat ironically, considering the criticism he’s received on his proposed curbs on historic restoration taxes, Nixon admired the “great historical past” of Laclede’s Landing.

Nixon next gave the podium to the Landshire, Inc. president who, after lamenting the death of the company’s founder, went on to recognize “the wonderful atmosphere of Laclede’s Landing and the city” and to celebrate the work done within and on the part of St. Louis to finalize the relocation.

St. Louis mayor Francis Slay next said a few words, welcoming Landshire, Inc. to the city and reflecting on the great things that can happen when involved individuals, governments and businesses work together.

After the ceremony’s completion, away from news crews, Landshire staff received a nicely wrapped and ribboned present that included coupons and gift certificates from Laclede’s Landing merchants.

Speaking briefly with a Landshire, Inc. employee in attendance, I learned the official move-in date is May 21st. A move had been rumored for months, but it wasn’t until recently (within the last month), that employees were told of the likely location. She also recommended I drop in the office for a free sandwich once they finally get settled in.

Quite a crowd gathered on 1st Street to hear the announcement.
Then we all went around the corner to Dr. John’s.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very big positive for the Landing. While it is known as an entertainment and nightlife district, it also houses many businesses ranging from marketing groups, law offices, web developers and construction firms.

Each of these businesses are vital to a thriving and populated Laclede’s Landing. They and their employees are the ones that frequent the restaurants, fill the lots and generally influence more businesses to call Laclede’s Landing their home.

The Landshire relocation (and its roughly 50 employees) gives further weight to the idea of Laclede’s Landing as a business destination. It is the hope of the Laclede’s Landing Merchants Association and the Laclede’s Landing Redevelopment Corporation that this investment in the district will soon encourage others to fill the remaining office space and street level locations — and also activate development in its few vacant lots.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I had the Turkey & Swiss sandwich, with a roll of chocolate doughnuts for dessert.



  1. I work in an office building on the Landing and am happy to hear that another company is moving in. It's actually a pleasant place to work during the week – we have a pretty easy route in and out (and our very own Metro station!), a decent variety of lunch spots, plus great architecture to admire and my favorite – the Arch grounds. Anyway, happy to welcome some new faces!

  2. Kevin Barbeau · · Reply

    That's the next step after filling in the vacancies – starting development that adds to, but doesn't fundamentally change, the Landing's identity. Apparently, there was also some talk of putting up another parking garage on the grassy area at 1st and Lucas, but this idea was – thank god! – knocked down.Thanks for the comment, G-Man. You're my first!

  3. Good story. Hope we can eventually get new period-appropriate construction on some of the lots there (starting with the Switzer Building site).

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