Yet Another St. Louis Blog is…well, exactly what it sounds like. There’s a lot to love about the Gateway to the West and a lot that is frustrating and difficult. This website is just one man’s view of what is and what could be. Full disclosure: I’m sorry to say, but unfortunately I am not a current St. Louis resident. For reasons both personal and professional, I moved up to Chicago in 2011 and will likely be there for awhile longer.

shadow002About the author: I am four years into what I assume will be a lifelong career working with or within neighborhood chambers of commerce and development/improvement districts. I had two years in St. Louis and two in Chicago. I’m one of the lucky few whose job closely matches his interests — mainly, community building/planning and local government. Yes, I admit…I am a governerd (trademark!). I get to be involved in small ways with many Chicago departments, programs and initiatives that I reflexively consider for St. Louis.

You can follow me on Twitter at @YASTLBlog.


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