Following is my online submission to the National Park Services competition comment page. I don’t know if they’ll consider it when judging (since it doesn’t necessarily adhere to their Four Question format), but I can only hope it guides them in picking SOM Hargreaves as the winning design team — and helps them target some […]

Big Muddy Blues Festival 2010 Labor Day Weekend Saturday, Sept. 4 and Sunday, Sept. 5, Noon to 11 p.m. Historic Laclede’s Landing I just wanted to take a quick moment to direct all of my readers (all 6…7…of you?) to the new blog for Big Muddy Blues Festival. Big Muddy Blues Festival is in its […]

Back in college, I took an economics class — an Intro to Economics class actually — and while it was purely meant to fill out some required credit or another, there was one part of it I took away with me, which I think about a lot: The Shopping Line Effect. The Shopping Line Effect […]

Some guy over at FOCUS St. Louis (wait a minute – that guy’s name seems awfully familiar…) wrote a blog about the City+Arch+River competition, the efforts of City to River and the compartmentalizing effects of city highways and Interstates. Check it out over at FOCUS St. Louis’ blog and leave some comments. Or just leave […]

Last night, I was looking at a map I had earlier printed off from the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis website (shown above) and had to smile at the fact that there are A LOT of developments started, discussed or imagined that, if they come to fruition, will greatly alter the downtown map. Not this […]

Yep, you guessed it. Yet another post about the tomorrow’s skywalk destruction. It’s been done to death, I know (even mainstream news is talking about it!), but, well…isn’t it just great? We can only hope that this is a starter’s pistol for a new direction in downtown preservation/demolition decision-making. By all counts, the removal of […]

Last night at the Sheldon Concert Hall, twenty individuals, groups and organizations were honored for the work they have done to improve the St. Louis region. The 13th Annual ‘What’s Right With the Region‘ event, run by FOCUS St. Louis honors movers and shakers in five different categories. They are: Creating Quality Educational Opportunities Demonstrating […]

Interesting fact: I haven’t had a car for five years now. No, I’m not particularly environtmentally-minded nor was there some horrific accident that turned me off of personal transportation. I just haven’t had a car. My old ’89 Bonneville shuffled loose its mortal (motoral?) coil and I just didn’t feel inclined to get another. Considering […]

  Governor Jay Nixon was in town today to welcome the newest business to St. Louis. About 100 people were in attendance – all of which enjoyed complementary Landshire brand sandwiches and snacks afterward. Landshire, Inc., the makers of ‘quality and convenient’ microwaveable sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers, is relocating it’s offices from Belleville, IL […]

Despite owing its existence to the river that runs along its eastern edge, St. Louis has severely underutilized this powerful resource as both a natural destination for tourists and locals alike and also as a place for merchants, art and innovation. Of course, due to the untameable nature of the Mississippi River, development of this […]